Current students

The QUT Student ePortfolio (QSeP) is your space for learning, and for evidencing and showcasing your skills and abilities, now and into the future.

  • Make the most of your opportunities at QUT.
  • Prepare for employment and promotion.
  • Continue to record your professional development after graduation.

Make the most of your activities and experiences at QUT by building a collection of evidence of your learning and development in your QUT Student ePortfolio. Store work samples, certificates and supervisor feedback in your portfolio, reflect on your life-wide learning to create Experiences. Showcase items by creating Portfolio Views and share them with your chosen audience. Invite a prospective employer to look at your Professional or Career Portfolio.

Access your Student ePortfolio from the front page of Blackboard.

→QUT Blackboard

Add a shortcut to your HiQ Launchpad for speedy access. [You will need to Login to do this.]

→Go to ePortfolio for QUT students

Learning can happen anywhere…


Student ePortfolio is designed to help you identify, reflect on and record the many diverse experiences that have contributed to your learning and development. These experiences can be drawn from various areas of your life:

  • your education
  • past or present employment
  • community-based activities
  • other aspects of your personal life (e.g. recreational activities, artistic pursuits or family responsibilities).

QUT commitment to preparing you for the ‘real world’ involves supporting you to acquire specific skills in a range of areas including communication, teamwork and leadership. Need the definitions? This set of graduate capabilities has been recognised by QUT to highlight the skills and attributes typically sought by employers, based on annual employer surveys. Regularly reflecting on your course-related academic experiences in relation to these capabilities will help you to:

  • understand the relevance of your study
  • recognise your achievements
  • refine your educational goals
  • assess your overall progress
  • gain confidence in yourself as an emerging professional.

It was great when it came to finding a job … everything was against the nursing competencies so all I had to do was go over it and it was done … I knew what I had to offer the organisation. [Nursing student, 2015]