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At QUT, the Student ePortfolio is a fully-supported programme. Students use the ePortfolio independently and/or within units and courses of study. Resources are designed to provide support and guidance for both the ePortfolio technology and for reflective writing process of understanding and evidencing, learning and development. Students and academics can request contextualised resources if required. The QUT Student ePortfolio online tool, provides folder structures, such as discipline specific standards and competencies, to guide students’ reflection

The ePortfolio is created online in the QUT Student ePortfolio tool by carrying out the following functions.

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Video guides

A few video guides to give an overview of ePortfolio

How to upload files to your ePortfolio.


Create content as experiences.


Create content as Artefacts.


Create different Portfolio Views.


Share your Portfolio View online.


Export your Portfolio View to PDF.