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Major societal changes add urgency to the need to design effective regulation of end of life decision-making.

A rapidly ageing population profile (1 in 5 Australians will be aged over 65 by 2030) leads to even more decisions about dying. Dementia cases will triple between 2011 and 2050 which has implications both for the number of end of life decisions and how they are to be made (e.g. when the person is unable to decide for themselves).

Linked to this ageing population are increasing patient demands and ‘health consumerism’, with more people demanding greater control over how they live and die.

In addition to this, relentless advances in medical technology can now keep people alive for longer but potentially in poorer states of health and at significant cost.

Our research seeks to address these challenges by contributing to the development of an effective and just regulatory framework for end of life decision-making.

End of Life Law in Australia website

End of Life Law in Australia aims to provide accessible information about law at the end of life for patients, families, health and legal practitioners, the media, policymakers and the broader community.

Current and past funded projects

Our research has been funded by the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council and Commonwealth and State governments. It has had a significant impact, leading to changes in law, policy and practice.

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