Making better environmental decisions

The Centre for the Environment’s Making Better Environmental Decisions Program develops technologies and processes in decision science to enable effective environmental management policy.

Decision making lies at the heart of effective environment management. A structured and strategic approach to management can improve environmental outcomes, reduce costs and reveal critical trade-offs.

Our program builds upon the research undertaken by the QUT Applied Mathematical Ecology Group and brings together experts in mathematical ecology, conservation biology and ecological science to explore how we can make the best decisions about environment management at local, regional and national scales given limited budgets and stochastic systems.

Real-world innovation

We explore new frontiers in decision science to tackle these issues with a focus on developing and applying new decision science approaches capable of tackling three concepts at the centre of all environmental decisions:

  • Optimality and efficiency
  • Uncertainty and learning
  • Working within complex and adaptive socio-ecological systems.

Our projects

Program team