Environmental monitoring and remediation

The Centre for the Environment’s Environmental Monitoring and Remediation Program develops technologies and processes to enable effective environmental management solutions.

Our program includes a diverse range of scientists and engineers who lead monitoring and remediation projects focused on water, soil and air. Our project stakeholders and collaborators include government (local, state, federal, international), other academic institutions and industry. Through our projects, we deliver solutions to address pressing issues including management of environmental pollutants and sustainable development of resources and infrastructure.

Our program also addresses a clear need for more sophisticated environmental engineering solutions in the water sector, as many communities nationally and globally are experiencing critical shortages. Finding optimal solutions for this complicated problem requires the translation of fundamental knowledge in environmental engineering, including water monitoring, modelling and remediation.

Real-world innovation

Our program focuses on water, soil and air monitoring and remediation, in the following research fields:

  • urban water pollution and treatment
  • stormwater/wastewater recycling
  • integrated water resources management
  • treatment of mining wastewaters
  • development of water quality monitoring devices
  • groundwater monitoring and modelling
  • geomaterials
  • hydraulics and hydrodynamics of estuaries
  • monitoring fluid flow
  • water quality modelling
  • remediation of environmental pollutants
  • water treatment technologies
  • chemical composition of aerosols (or particulate matter)
  • vehicle emissions
  • marine aerosols
  • building physics
  • decision making in the built environment
  • sensing and monitoring technologies for mitigating environmental greenhouse gases
  • monitoring soil carbon, reactive nitrogen and biogeochemical processes.

Our projects

Program team