Dr Katie Woolaston

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Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University), Master of Laws Human Rights and Social Justice (University of New South Wales)

Katie Woolaston is an inter-disciplinary researcher, lawyer and lecturer in the School of Law at QUT. She is a member of the International Law and Global Governance Research Program. She holds a Masters in Law (specialising in Human Rights & Social Justice) from the University of New South Wales, and a PhD in Environmental Law from Griffith University.

Her research is focused on international and domestic wildlife law and regulation of the human-wildlife relationship. Her current projects include the formation of a collaborative framework for wildlife management in international wildlife law and domestic law in Australia, and the improvement of the human-wildlife relationship using eco-feminist ontological theory.

Her most recent publications include the article ‘Ecological Vulnerability and the Devolution of Individual Autonomy’, for which she won the 2018 Australasian Society of Legal Philosophy Essay prize4, and a chapter in the Research Handbook on the Future of Women’s Engagement with International Law, titled ‘Wildlife and International Law: Can Feminism Transform our Relationship with Nature’ (Edward Elgar, 2019).

Additional information

Katie has undertaken media engagements on the issue of human-wildlife conflict.

In 2019, she was interviewed on ABC Gold Coast and ABC Brisbane Radio, on the topic of dingo attacks on K’Gari Fraser Island.

She also published an article in The Conversation on this issue.