New Information Access Technologies for People with Intellectual Disability

Project dates: 2016 - 2020

This shows a webpage at the centre a web search bar, with a choice between "how to" and "youtube" at the front, an microphone icon at the end, and a "search" button following. There is a tick box underneath that says "Endeavour Channel". At the top of the creen, there are 4 icons: a search icon, a people's icon, a star, and a bell. At the top right, there is also a picture of a personWe investigated several aspects of information access with a co-design methodology. The co-design methodology involves deep engagement with participants, and we developed and refined the methodology as we employed it to address technology and design.


This shows a webpage with a video playing at the top, and underneath 2 rows of 6 thumbmails each.

Information access in this project took the form of accessible search engines, accessible education to learn how to use search engines, accessible information-centered mobile applications (eg. way finding and transport), and new forms of information media (social robots).


As part of this project, we developed a research and design approach centered on people’s competencies.

Shows a set cycle of co-design, starting with "revealing competencies using participatory approaches, then designing with competencies using participatory approaches, then enhancing competencies using participatory approaches, which cycles back to the begining. The three phases are labeled "consideration of socio-technical context in each phase"

Shows people in a room with a large screen where one person interacts, with a researcher next to them


Some of the key methods developed to support this approached included Techshops and Active Support.






This project has now concluded. 3 PhD students, Filip Bircanin, Andy Bayor, and Theja Kuruppu Arachchi, have taken part in this project and now graduated.

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  • ARC Linkage (2016 - 2020)

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