Human-machine teaming: Designing synergistic learning of humans and machines

Human-machine teaming

This project investigates the design of systems in which humans and machines use their different abilities to learn together for mutual benefit.

Machine learning has been commoditised, and applied in areas such as medical image reading and autonomous vehicles. However, it typically operates separately from humans, supplanting human skills and leading to deskilling.

We will devise and evaluate exemplar systems that support humans to interactively frame problems, explore and learn while utilising and improving machine models. This will be achieved using:

  • human-computer interaction research techniques
  • co-design
  • iterative prototyping in the domains of radiology training and environmental learning.

This project is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant (project ID ARC DP200103582).

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Discovery DP200103582

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Other Team Members

Dr Benoit Favre