The Design Participation Lab engages with projects with a humanitarian or environmental focus. We value pluralism, seeking to make technologies that reflect the rich diversity and idiosyncrasies of people and the ways in which they wish to interact. We are also exploring interaction between people and nature, and aim toward new kinds of socio-enviro-technical systems that make it easier, more interesting, and more fun to monitor and understand species.

See below for a selection of our current, past, and upcoming research projects.


Inclusive technologies for people of diverse cognitive abilities


Ageing and Dementia

  • The Messaging Kettle Project
  • Make and Connect: Enabling People to Connect through their Things.


Children and Education


Nature and the Environment


Indigenous language technologies co-design

  • Digital Noticeboards for Remote Aboriginal Communities
  • Tangible Technologies for Sharing Indigenous Languages.


Health and Well-being Technologies


Methods and Concepts