Our lab is part of the computer-human interaction (CHI) discipline within the Science Faculty of the Queensland University of Technology. The Design Participation Lab has 8 academic staff working across the areas of interaction design/co-design, environmental monitoring and engagement, health, augmented sociality, intellectual disability, and indigenous participation. Our backgrounds include computer science, engineering, math, psychology, and education. We are truly a multidisciplinary group. Our Ph.D. students also come from backgrounds as wide-ranging as engineering, computer science, psychology, anthropology, and ecology. They hail from five continents, with Australians in the minority.

We collaborate with academics from the fields of computer and data science, such as Prof. Andrew Bradley, Prof. Paul Roe, Prof. David Lovell, as well as games researchers, such as Prof. Daniel Johnson and Dr Selen Turkay.

Alumnis include Dr Aloha Ambe, Dr Diego Muñoz Sáez, Dr Cara Wilson, Dr Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor, Dr Tshering Dema, Dr Steve Snow, Dr Fiona Redhead, Dr Ellya Zulaikha, Dr Ravihansa Rajapakse, and Dr Haziq Muhammad Lim Abdullah.


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