Ambient Birdhouse

A key technology developing through the Ambient Nature Network is the Ambient Birdhouse:

The Ambient Birdhouse is an interactive presentation device delivering sounds and videos using a Raspberry Pi computer, an RFID reader, and an attached touch screen and speaker, housed in a wooden frame reminiscent of a birdhouse.

Users have three points of interaction with content:

  • The BH website, which enables uploading, sharing, and commenting on videos, as well as choosing which videos to add to a local Birdhouse.
  • RFID cards that could be assigned videos, and then tapped to the Birdhouse casing to play the video. A special RFID card could also be used to switch ‘channels’.
  • The BH touchscreen, which could be used to play and scrub through visualisations of long-duration acoustic recordings.

Previous work exploring the use of the non-networked Birdhouse within families, can be found here.