About Us

At the Design Participation Lab, our projects have a humanitarian or environmental focus. We undertake research with a variety of communities and groups who are often overlooked in technology design. These include older people, children with autism, Indigenous communities, and people with intellectual disabilities. We seek to understand how they appropriate technologies and how we might co-design desirable technologies. We value pluralism, seeking to make technologies that reflect the rich diversity and idiosyncrasies of people and the ways in which they wish to interact.

Recently we have extended our work to exploring interaction between people and nature. Working with ecologists, ecoacoustics researchers, communities, and government organizations, we aim toward new kinds of socio-enviro-technical systems that make it easier, more interesting, and more fun to monitor and understand species.


Centres we collaborate with:

Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child

Centre for Data Science


QUT Labs with overlapping interests:

GRIDLab – CHI Games Research

Digital Wellbeing Lab

CLEVAR – CHI Virtual & Augmented Reality Research

QUT Design Lab