Urban Media and Digital Geographies Research Group

The Urban Media and Digital Geographies (UM&DG) research group investigates the critical role played by space, place, and location within digital media and society.

UM&DG brings together a collaborative and cross-disciplinary group of researchers working across (i) digital geographies; (ii) urban informatics, smart cities, digital twins, and platform urbanism; and (iii) technological sovereignty and critical data studies.

Foregrounding location and the smart city as key sites where debates over privacy, surveillance capitalism, trust, and data governance, regulation, and sovereignty play out, the group works closely with industry and government, deploying a critical data studies lens and privacy by design approach to promote equitable data futures and build trust in digital systems.

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  • Mitchell, Peta, Highfield, Tim, Leszczynski, Agnieszka, Shaw, Bonnie, Wilken, Rowan (2022, 14 November) Situating the location economy. Where It’s At – Locating Data Futures in the Digital Economy SymposiumView recording.
  • Rittenbruch, Markus, Kao, Yu, Megarry, Jessica, O’Donnell, Nicholas, Smythe, Nic (2022, 14 November) Designing for location privacy. Where It’s At – Locating Data Futures in the Digital Economy Symposium. View recording.
  • Foth, Marcus, Jacoby, Steven, Mann, Monique, Perez, Pascal, Pink, Sarah (2022, 14 November) Smart cities, digital twins and the social licence to operate. Where It’s At – Locating Data Futures in the Digital Economy Symposium. View recording.
  • Mann, Monique, Booth, Paxton, Goldenfein, Jake, Manwaring, Kayleen, Murray, Angus (2022, 14 November) Regulating the location economy. Where It’s At – Locating Data Futures in the Digital Economy Symposium. View recording.
  • Barns, Sarah (2022, 21 July) A new deal for city data? The case of Barcelona and the progressive data politics agenda. DMRC Research Seminar: QUT Industry Fellow Dr Sarah Barns. View recording.
  • Mitchell, Peta, Rittenbruch, Markus, Foth, Marcus (2022, 23 June) From smart cities to digital town squares: DataCare as a model for community-led urban analysis. DMRC Research Seminar: The Digital Town Square. View recording.
  • Mitchell, Peta (2021, 14 July) Tracking and tracing: Mapping new contours of the location economy. Royal Geographical Society Digital Geographies Annual Symposium. View recording.
  • Mitchell, Peta, Foth, Marcus, and Rittenbruch, Markus (2020, 28 May) Designing for location awareness and geoprivacy in the age of ‘continuous geosurveillance’. Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) Geospatial Capability Community of Practice series.
  • Mitchell, Peta (2020, 29 October) Situating COVIDSafe: Digital epidemiology, contact-tracing apps, and (geo)privacy. COVIDSafe®: tracing, surveillance, and other organised irresponsibilities discussion event. Global Digital Publics Network & the Science and Society Network, Deakin University. View recording.
  • Mitchell, Peta, Mann, Monique, and Foth, Marcus (2021, 26–30 July) Speculative smart cities: The platforming of cities during a pandemic era. IACSS Conference, Cultural Research Centre, National University of Singapore.
  • Mitchell, Peta (2019) Ambivalent databodies: Navigating trust and privacy in the geo-aware present. Bodies and Devices: Geolocative Media Symposium, 2019, University of Queensland, 28 November 2019. View recording.


For any enquiries about the Urban Media and Digital Geographies Research Group, please contact Peta Mitchell.

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