Research Services

We offer our research services to public and private sector organisations, helping them to deal with the challenges of emerging digital media technologies, and to seize the opportunities of social media analytics and big data to better understand public opinion and community needs. We have provided examples of the kinds of research service work we do below. For more information and to discuss potential collaborations, please contact us via

Socio-economic analysis of the creative economy

QUT DMRC and its predecessor the Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation have been spearheading the development of methods and frameworks for socio-economic analysis of creativity and innovation on local, regional and state level. Our approach combines quantitative and qualitative methods that provides solid decision support to governments that are determined to make their regions and cities more diversified and resilient as we enter a post-mining environment. Our approach measures the characteristics and capabilities of local innovation systems and is specifically focused on the contribution from creativity and creative work to the general economy and the innovative output from the area.

Social media data analysis of public conversations

Social media platforms have during the past decade emerged as arenas where people express their opinions and concerns, debate the issues they care about and share experiences from their everyday lives. DMRC has developed a world-leading infrastructure that allows us to collect and process the continuous flow of millions of data points that people leave behind. We have pioneered methods and frameworks to analyse and visualise these large and complex data flows in hitherto unprecedented detail and generate actionable results for decision support and policy development. Based on our unique resources and expertise we are able to study how a range of issues develop over time. For instance, we help governments at local, regional and state level to discover and explore emerging issues among their constituents. We support NGOs and industry associations who want to monitor how public opinion and controversies in their field evolve over time in order to be able to respond to emerging phenomena. We have worked on a range of topics including food production, senior living, personal transportation, emergency services, politics and elections, and media consumption.