Valuing Web Series: Economic, Industrial, Cultural and Social Value

This project investigates the value of web series as a form of online screen entertainment characterised by original and diverse content produced by emerging creatives. It will deploy the theoretical frame of ‘total value’ to assess the role and viability of web series: value accrued as career development opportunities for digital content makers; value accrued by the audiences who consume web series; and the value accrued by the Australian screen industry as web series contribute to innovation in a rapidly evolving global screen ecology. We have partnered with four leading web series festivals who will benefit directly from a hosting a number of forums for the discussion and dissemination of our comparative findings.

Further details are available on the project website.

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Transforming Media Industries

Project team


Project partners

  • Melbourne Webfest Inc.
  • Marseille WebFest
  • Vancouver WebFest
  • T.O. Webfest

Project funding

  • ARC Linkage project (2019 – 2022)