Siganto Digital Learning Project Evaluation

People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds score above the national average on the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII), however we know from the Good Things Foundation Digital Nation 2021 report that newly arrived migrants and people from refugee backgrounds struggle with digital skills and access to appropriate devices and connections.

This six-month project, led by Dr Kim Osman, is an evaluation of the Siganto Digital Learning Project program for the State Library of Queensland. The project is a mixed methods exploration of how the three pillars of digital inclusion (access, affordability and ability) are addressed by the Siganto Digital Learning Project and the impacts this has on participants, the wider community and stakeholders. Using the Digital Inclusion Program Evaluation Framework developed by Dr Amber Marshall and Professor Michael Dezuanni, the outcome from this evaluation will be a report and evidence-based recommendations for future delivery of digital inclusion programs for newly arrived migrants and people from refugee backgrounds.

Read the evaluation here:

Siganto Final Report


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