Social media and agenda-setting in election campaigns

Social media impacts on political communication, and in line with how radio broadcasting, and later TV, imposed changes on how politicians related to the public, Facebook and Twitter represents new tools for politicians to communicate with voters. The changes raise new research questions, and the project Social Media and Election Campaigns focused on how these new tools impacts on the agenda setting and the power hierarchies in democratic countries.  Focusing on election campaigns in four stable democracies; The United States, Australia, Norway, and Sweden, the project uses a cross-national and cross-media approach to investigate to what degree social media changes political communication.

The research project concluded with a major event at the National Gallery of Norway, Oslo, discussing the impending U.S. presidential election and the project launched its Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics at the ECREA conference in Prague.

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Project team


Project funding

  • Norwegian Research Council Grant (2012-2016)