Minecraft for Type 1 Diabetes (MCT1)

The Minecraft for Type 1 Diabetes project (MCT1) will assist children with Type 1 diabetes to understand their condition through the highly innovative approach of using one of the world’s most popular digital games, Minecraft. The project is in partnership with Tech Startup Magikcraft, and aims to use the game to immerse children in purposeful play, leading to greater awareness of the need to carefully manage blood glaucous levels and food intake. The project  also involves partnerships with Diabetes Queensland and The Mater Hospital and enables the design and production of a Minecraft modification and conducting a trial of MCT1 in community settings with children.  The project includes the development of an educational plan for the use of the game and training for health professionals and parents.

The project takes a highly innovative approach to Type 1 diabetes education by using the Minecraft gaming platform to create a modification. The MCT1 modification adds two characteristics to the player: Blood Glucose Level (BGL) and Insulin.  In addition to managing their food and health, players are introduced to the interaction of carbohydrates, insulin, activity, and blood glucose. They have a visual representation of their current BGL and insulin onboard provided by a heads-up display in the game.  This provides a new layer of challenge in the game when compared to the standard version of Minecraft and provides many options for introducing concepts around Type 1 Diabetes management.

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Creating Better Digital Futures

Project team


  • Professor Michael Dezuanni
  • Associate Professor John Banks
  • Lisa Nissen

Project partners

  • Magikcraft
  • Diabetes Queensland
  • Mater Hospital

Project funding

  • QUT Engagement Innovation Grant (2017-2018)