Graduate employability 2.0: Building digital capabilities for lifelong career development

Graduate employability 2.0

Australian higher education is galvanised around graduate employability; however, the sector has largely overlooked the influence of digital career capabilities. Employers routinely recruit and screen applicants through social media. However, most graduates and many educators have little idea of how to exploit online environments for career purposes. This project will catalyse sector-wide engagement to empower students and staff to build digital career capabilities for graduate employability and lifelong career development. Through exploration of exemplary practice and industry needs, international expert input, an educational toolkit, cultivation of a vibrant community of practice, and case study trials in four universities, it will increase digital career capabilities sectoral awareness; build knowledge of teaching strategies; and increase inclusion in programs. Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences disciplines are the focus, particularly degrees that are not associated with ‘vocational’ career pathways. Digital career capabilities are likely to have considerable impact on the outcomes of these graduates. This project will be undertaken with a view to disciplinary transferability.

Project team


Project funding

  • Office for Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellowship (2015-2017)