Digital storytelling and co-creative media: The role of community arts and media in propagating and coordinating population-wide creative practice

Digital storytelling and co-creative media

How can creative practice be extended among whole populations, and what role do formal agencies play in the process? This project builds on existing initiatives, linking community cultural development and broadcasting systems with the digital storytelling movement, to model and evaluate global best practice in the adaptation, production and propagation of non-professional innovation in creative content. It assesses the value of co-creative uses of digital media, and the role of community arts and media organisations, for the growth and improvement of creative innovation in Australia. By field experiments and demonstrator projects it will produce a scalable model to integrate community agency and digital affordances for creative innovation.

Project team


  • Dr Christina Spurgeon
  • Professor Jean Burgess
  • Distinguished Emeritus Professor John Hartley, Curtin University
  • Adjunct Professor Brad Haseman, QUT
  • Professor Helen Klaebe
  • Associate Professor Ellie Rennie
  • Helen Simondson, ACMI

Project partners

Project funding

  • ARC Linkage Project (2011-2013)