Digital inclusion programs in community contexts

In this project, researchers are documenting the process a consortium of community organisations in Queensland are developing and implementing a comprehensive digital inclusion program for people living with a disability.

The Access, Affordability Ability Digital Inclusion (AAA Digital Inclusion) is a pilot program funded through the QLD Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. The project is a collaboration between Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN), GIVIT and Volunteering Queensland (VQ).

QUT’s involvement includes:

  • Providing access to The Digital Mentor’s Handbook to inform training for Digital Champions/Volunteers in how to support digital learners (in community or home contexts)
  • Providing access to the Digital Ability Program Evaluation Tool to inform project evaluation strategy
  • Providing access to Digital Skills Self-Assessment Tool and Facilitator’s Companion to be adapted to needs of the project
  • Participating as a member of the Project Advisory Group monthly meetings
  • Providing QDN with any outcomes of research (e.g., research report) and revised version of the Digital Skills Self-Assessment Tool for ongoing use
  • Co-designing a Companion to Digital Inclusion Projects in Community Contexts (digital handbook)

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Digital Inclusion & Participation

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