Developing online learning management systems that enhance corporate social responsibility outcomes for Australian businesses

Research on business innovation across all sectors of the economy demonstrates that new technologies, new systems and new processes are driving constant, unrelenting change (Kim & Mauborgne, 2015). Businesses at all levels are struggling to keep up with evolving standards of best practice, needing new knowledge specific to their industry in order to succeed (Schultz, Block, & Raman, 2009). This has led to a growth in demand for personalised learning management systems and new markets for companies working in online education. However, it has also meant that more complex sustainability practices, like corporate social responsibility (CSR), are often neglected, despite the plethora of well documented benefits associated with them: better employee performance; better recruitment outcomes; better employee health; better brand recognition, and better market position (Brine, Brown, & Hackett, 2017). This climate has resulted in a need for greater knowledge regarding CSR, more accessible information systems and more personalised CSR training across industries.

The research has three key aims:

  • Analyse CSR needs and learning management system workflows in the Australian business sector.
  • Explore the capabilities of information technology systems for addressing those CSR needs through the development of Social Impact learning management system.
  • Development of an information system that empowers social authorities to create their own content that effects change in their industry.

Project team


Project funding

  • Commonwealth Innovation Connections Grant (2019)