De-risking priority opportunities for agricultural investment in north Queensland

The project is part of a series of targeted research initiatives commissioned by the CRCNA that aim to reduce risk in agricultural investment processes in the north. Engaging with the Queensland Government, the Commonwealth, and other stakeholders, the project will focus strategic effort on exploring issues constraining development of priority agricultural opportunities in Queensland. Through the project, the CRCNA will investigate the key issues at hand, and explore innovative, Queensland-specific policy, regulatory and other solutions that facilitate agricultural development while also securing the environmental and social outcomes that help maintain northern Australia’s market advantage. The project aligns with the DMRC’s broader research on digital participation and development in agricultural communities.

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Creating Better Digital Futures

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Project funding

  • CRCNA (2020)

Aerial view of a prawn farm