Connecting in the Gulf: Understanding and addressing digital inclusion in low-income Indigenous families living on Mornington Island

Connecting in the Gulf

This project explores the impact of digital inclusion challenges for low-income Indigenous families living on Mornington Island, a remote Aboriginal community in the Cape York Peninsula. It examines how low-income Aboriginal families use and access the internet, and how this impacts access to government and social services, education (particularly relevant as there is no high school on the island), e-health and e-commerce. We use Indigenous methodologies including yarning, and co-design workshops to inform policies, practices and programs focused on how low-income Indigenous families access and use digital technologies and the internet on Mornington Island.

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Digital Inclusion & Participation

Project team


Dr Jessa Rogers

Dr Amber Marshall

Dr Kim Osman

Professor Michael Dezuanni

Professor Hurriyet Babacan, University of Queensland

Project Partners:

Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance

Mornington Shire

Project Funding:

auDA Foundation, QUT Ignite Grant Scheme 2021


Mornington Island Coastline