Connecting in the Gulf: Understanding and addressing digital inclusion in low-income Indigenous families living on Mornington Island

Connecting in the Gulf

This project explores the impact of digital inclusion challenges for low-income Indigenous families living on Mornington Island, a remote Aboriginal community in the Cape York Peninsula. It was collaboratively developed to explore the  experiences of the Mornington Island community, and to develop a research methodology led by the community, for their needs, toward giving the community voice and power in this research. All aspects of the project are underpinned by Indigenous research principles and practices, and it is informed by the AIATSIS Indigenous Research Code of Ethics (2020). Over a series of visits to the Island in 2022, we yarned with families and local organisations to understand how Aboriginal families use and access the internet, and how this impacts access to government and social services, education (particularly relevant as there is no high school on the island), e-health and e-commerce.


Project outputs

Connecting in the Gulf Summary Report

Information, Communication and Society Journal Article: Connecting in the Gulf: exploring digital inclusion for Indigenous families on Mornington Island

Connecting in the Gulf: Project Overview

Connecting in the Gulf: 2 Page Summary

The Conversation article, March 2023

Connecting in the Gulf: Full Final Report

Connecting in the Gulf: Plain English Findings Summary

DMRC research program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Creating Better Digital Futures

Project team


Dr Jessa Rogers

Dr Amber Marshall

Dr Kim Osman

Professor Michael Dezuanni

Professor Hurriyet Babacan, University of Queensland

Project Partners:

Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance

Mornington Shire

Project Funding:

auDA Foundation, QUT Ignite Grant Scheme 2021