Building State Responses to Technology-facilitated Domestic Violence

Project Summary

This project aims to investigate one of Australia’s most pressing social problems: domestic violence and the emerging use of digital technology to enact and escalate abuse and stalking. Technology-facilitated domestic violence threatens psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing and safety (and signifies risk of homicide), and so warrants attention. Justice systems have a crucial role to play in preventing technology-facilitated violence and safeguarding and empowering victim/survivors. This timely project seeks to assess existing State responses to and regulation of such harms. It expects to provide an evidence base to enhance and develop innovative policing and judicial policy and practice, with benefits to communities and economies.

DMRC Research Program

This project contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Governing Digital Societies

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Project Funding

  • ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (2020-2023)

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