ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index

Project dates: 2012 - Ongoing

The Australian Twitter News Index (ATNIX) has reported on patterns in the sharing of Australian news content through Twitter since 2012; it tracks the sharing of links to some 35 Australian news outlets on Twitter on a continuous basis. ATNIX has documented the overall stability of Australian Twitter users’ preferences for specific news sources (especially ABC News and the Sydney Morning Herald), tested the overlap in content-sharing audiences between news outlets with different editorial and ideological orientations, and reported on the most popular news stories during specific timeframes. The ATNIX Twitter account (@_ATNIX_) posts half-daily, daily, and weekly updates on trending Australian news stories, and ATNIX also provides an interactive dashboard with live and historical data on sharing patterns for Australian news, at and below.

More information about ATNIX and its dataset is available here.

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Project publications

Gatewatching and news curation: Journalism, social media, and the public sphere (Digital Formations, Volume 113)

Bruns, Axel; Digital Formations (2018)

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