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Research Fellows

HDR students

  • Sarah Collier

    MPhil Student | Thesis - A critical examination of the current workplace systems and culture in the Australian Visual Effects (VFX) Industry through the lens of its labour force

  • Claire Darling

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Remaking authority: A critical exploration of established and emergent digital news organisations and their news-making practices in a post-truth era

  • Mohammed Foysal Chowdhury

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Global Streaming Services Re-shaping the Television and Film Industry of Bangladesh

  • Shubhangi Heda

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Evolving Media Environment in Repressive Regimes: Cultural , Social and Political Implication of Internet Distributed Television

  • Donald Johannessen

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - The Changing Landscape of Indigenous Media and Screen Culture

  • Katrin Langton

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - A walk-through of infant feeding apps: understanding the construct of contemporary parenthood

  • Xuan Li

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Food porn or food saving? Investigating the role of TikTok in reducing food waste in Australia

  • Daniel Pearson

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - Creating impact and increasing engagement with creative research videos

  • Albert Prestianta

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Media Literacy and Social Media: The Influence of Digital Platforms on Media and News Consumption Habits among Young Indonesians

  • Yu Shan

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Virtual reality content and business models in China's creative industries

  • Jiaru Tang

    PhD candidate | Thesis Title: VTubers and cultural production in the age of VR: platformization, precarity and contingency

  • Erika Verkaaik

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - Examining the sustainability of non-commercial game development practices