Media Industries Journal

Media Industries is the first peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal that supports the critical study of media industries, institutions, and policies worldwide.

The journal, which launched in 2014, represents an international collaboration among 10 universities on four different continents. Executive editors are drawn from all 10 supporting institutions, while peer review and publication decisions are facilitated by an editorial board of expert media industry scholars that also spans the globe. The journal intends for the geographic and theoretical diversity of its leadership and the open-access publishing platform to attract submissions and readers from around the world.

Queensland University of Technology currently serves as the journal’s home office, where it is edited and supported by members of the Transforming Media Industries program, including Prof. Amanda D. Lotz, Prof. Kevin Sanson, Prof. Patrik Wikstrom, and Distinguished Emeritus Professor Stuart Cunningham.

Contact Prof Kevin Sanson for further information.