Emerging Projects

This page captures the emerging interests of the Transforming Media Industries research program that have yet to develop into full projects or feature significant research interests of members working independently.

Digital Advertising

Advertising provides a key source of revenue for many forms of digital media and the new digital advertising tools available have had enormous implications for pre-digital media industries. The Transforming Media Industries program is identifying the key gaps in our understanding of the role, power, and implications of different aspects of digital advertising. In particular, exploring the relationship between data, automation and advertising (e.g. what do programmatic and automated systems like real-time bidding mean for the buy and sell sides?; how do buy/sell sides benefit/think they’ll benefit from programmatic advertising? etc)

Contact: Ben Egliston and Amanda Lotz


Forging Connections between Publishing and Television Industries

Although the television industries have historically acquired, developed, and (re-)distributed content from the broader copyright industries, increased viewing options—and the splintering of the audience—has accelerated the necessity to control and exploit prized intellectual property. This project aims to more clearly map the intersections between the publishing and television industries, revealing the mechanisms, legal frameworks, and labour that are required for television services to build their libraries and, in turn, audiences. Key questions driving this project include examining how adapting established intellectual property reconciles with television’s ‘nationing’ function, how franchising dynamics facilitate the internationalisation of Australian (and other) content through global subscription television services, and how these industrial intersections affect televisual storytelling. In doing so, this project seeks to expand understanding of how the movement of content between industries—and their connection with audiences—contributes to transformations in television production, distribution, and audience experience.

Contact: David Richard