Program Leaders

Chief Investigators

Affiliate Investigators

Research Fellows

HDR students

  • Louisa Bartolo

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - You might like this, but at what cost? Considering the social responsibilities of digital platforms' recommender systems

  • Rene Cornish

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Dismissal for Social Media Misconduct in the Global South

  • Nick Dowse

    PhD Candidate l Judicial artificial intelligence in the pursuit of better access to justice and improved quality in judicial decision-making

  • Diana Girle

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - The legal implications of Australian workers wearing wearable and mobile technologies at work

  • Shubhangi Heda

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Evolving Media Environment in Repressive Regimes: Cultural , Social and Political Implication of Internet Distributed Television

  • Katrin Langton

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - A walk-through of infant feeding apps: understanding the construct of contemporary parenthood

  • Gisella Lopes Gomes Pinto Ferreira

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Digital dating abuse among teenagers in the Global-South: victimisation experiences of Brasilians and Australians

  • Lucinda Nelson

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Where misogyny hides: An examination of everyday misogyny in discourses about Depp v Heard on social media platforms.

  • Sam Regi

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Impacts of Process Journalism with marginalised communities: Amplifying the voices of the Royal Commission into Aged Care

  • Sahana Sarkar

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Exploring Women Survivors’ Experiences Of And Responses To Cyberviolence In India

  • Rhyle Simcock

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Explaining Automated Decision-Making: Enhancing algorithmic transparency in machine learning systems used in public sector decision-making

  • Kirsty Unger

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - The automation of decision making in revenue administration: The complexity of the legal issues in an administrative law framework