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HDR students

  • Klaus Groebner

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Investigating the online media behaviour of Australian Facebook users

  • Alia Azmi

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Mapping the Online Conversations about Sexual Violence in Indonesia

  • Anand Badola

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Rethinking the Public Sphere in India: Analysing the Discursive Dynamics in Social Media

  • Louisa Bartolo

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - You might like this, but at what cost? Considering the social responsibilities of digital platforms' recommender systems

  • Dan Dai

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Comparative analysis of COVID-19 misinformation and hate speech on Chinese Weibo and the Australian Twittersphere

  • Kate FitzGerald

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Participatory Conspiracy Theorising Online: A Case Study of QAnon

  • Caroline Gardam

    PhD Student | Thesis: Climate change "hoax" hashtags on Instagram: multimodal discursive practices in social media mis/disinformation posts

  • Nadia Jude

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - ‘Battling’ bad actors or ‘inoculating’ against falsity? A policy analysis of problem representations of mis- and disinformation in Australia

  • Kateryna Kasianenko

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism of Digital Publics

  • Daniel Kirby

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Mobile Veganism: How Mobile Apps Shape the Construction and Mobilisation of Vegan Consumerism

  • Carly Lubicz-Zaorski

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Mapping the dynamics of Australian climate change partisanship and polarisation within online news-sharing spaces

  • Phoebe Matich

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - Discourses of fake news: constructions of truth, reality, and fakeness in Australian news media

  • Dagim Afework Mekonnen

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Political Discourse, Polarisation, and Hate Speech on Social Media in Ethiopia During Civil War and Ethnic Violence

  • Maxwell Melit

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Value perception and consumption habits of online news amongst young Australian adults during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Vicki Morganson

    MPhil Student | Thesis: Humour as an expression of sovereignty: a Black anticolonial perspective on norm-setting and safety in relation to comedy

  • Lucinda Nelson

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Where misogyny hides: An examination of everyday misogyny in discourses about Depp v Heard on social media platforms.

  • Do Doan Hanh Nguyen

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Affective labour of male game streamers in Vietnam

  • Kate O'Connor Farfan

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Political polarisation beyond partisanship: Identities, online strategies of interaction, communication structures and democratic trajectories.

  • Maria Margarita Ochoa Diaz

    PhD Candidate ┃Thesis: Youth-led digital peacebuilding: A critical analysis of young political influencers' framing of peacebuilding on social media in post-conflict Colombia

  • Vishnuprasad Padinjaredath Suresh

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Detecting Algorithmic Radicalisation Trajectories (DART)

  • Shaneen Page

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Digital Natives go Analogue: How is Gen Z using Tiktok to discover craft and build a fashion commons?

  • Albert Prestianta

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Media Literacy and Social Media: The Influence of Digital Platforms on Media and News Consumption Habits among Young Indonesians

  • Benson Rajan

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Safe to ‘Make the First Move’? Exploring Experiences of Intrusion and Safety Work for Indian Women on Bumble

  • Sam Regi

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Impacts of Process Journalism with marginalised communities: Amplifying the voices of the Royal Commission into Aged Care

  • Andreas Ryan Sanjaya

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - A Study of Collaborative Journalism in Indonesia in the Digital Age

  • Luke Troynar

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Decoding the Political Ideology of Internet Meme Subcultures Using Pragmasemiotic Methods

  • Daniel Whelan-Shamy

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: The Emergent Properties of Latent Space: Generative Artificial Intelligence and Simulation in New Computational Culture

  • Laura Vodden

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Augmented Insight: Leveraging Large Language Models for Analysis of Polarised Discourse on Social Issues in News Content

  • Ned Watt

    PhD Candidate | FactCheck - GPT: An exploration of how publicly funded fact-checkers perceive implications of large language models (LLMs) on their labour and operational effectiveness.

  • Guangnan (Rio) Zhu

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - A Multimodal Computational Framework for Detection and Analysis of Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour on Twitter