Digital media industries, economies and regulation

Program leaders


This program aims to critically advance conceptual and practical understanding of the real-world challenges of digital media convergence for media businesses, industries, professionals and policy-makers at the local, national and international levels. Our researchers focus on:

  • digital media industries in transition
  • transformations of culture and media in the digital economy
  • new challenges for media regulation and governance
  • the impact of digital transformations on the nature of creative work in the media and entertainment industries

We’re particularly interested in digital transformations in the Asia-Pacific region arising from the rapid growth in digital and social media use – and Australia’s place within it.


Our researchers apply a range of interdisciplinary approaches and methods from the applied humanities and the social sciences, including those derived from:

  • law and critical legal studies
  • social science institutionalism
  • policy studies and regulatory theory
  • anthropology and digital ethnography
  • innovation theories
  • behavioural and evolutionary economics

Our methods are developed in a complementary manner to the disciplinary heartlands of communication, media and cultural studies, including work undertaken at QUT and elsewhere on creative industries, the digital creative economy, and the creative workforce.

Research projects

  • New digital screen ecologies and their implications for media industries.
  • Internet governance and the changing role of online intermediaries.
  • The uses of Australian screen content in education.
  • The Australian games industry and digital innovation.
  • New forms of collaboration in East Asian media production.
  • Emerging music usage metrics and the impact on the Australian music economy.
  • Regulating ride-sharing in the peer economy.
  • The mapping of shifts in the creative workforce and their implications for education and professional skills development.
  • Capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation.
  • The impact of digital transformations on work and employment in the media and entertainment industries.
  • Comparative studies of media and cultural producers in Australia and China.

Student research projects

  • The regulation and governance of social media.
  • Interactions between users and algorithms on digital content platforms.
  • The Chinese digital diaspora and their uses of social media.
  • The new creative and professsional identities arising out of digital media convergence.
  • The role of digital media in democratic government in Indonesia.
  • An analysis of prejudicial publicity in social media.
  • Comparative stuides of the ‘Netflix economy’ and IPTV.


We have developed significant internantional partnerships with univerisites and research centres in:

  • the United States
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • China
  • Indonesia.

We also have strong relationships with organisations including: