Digital media in everyday life

Program leaders


Everyday life is often the focus of our hopes and anxieties surrounding digital media, particularly as they relate to privacy and surveillance, social inclusion and exclusion, relationships and identity, work and play, as well as ethics and the law. Through our work, we are helping to make sense of how large-scale digital transformations affect us as citizens and consumers on the ground, and how ordinary people are innovating, experimenting and playing with digital media in order to improve their own lives.

We bring together critical studies of technology with cultural studies approaches to investigate contexts such as:

  • digital media in the home – covering issues like informal learning, screen time for kids, and the Internet of Things;
  • digital cultures of gender and sexuality – from mobile dating and hookup apps through to questions of diversity in mainstream social media platforms;
  • mobile and geolocative media – from locative data literacies to life in smart cities;
  • popular digital cultures – from political memes to emerging genres of social media entertainment.

We also have a strong interest in fostering social justice, learning, and digital inclusion across all our activities, and aim to engage with everyday digital cultures in the Asian region and beyond.


Investigating everyday digital cultures requires a unique blend of approaches, methods, and forms of data. We combine digital methods with traditional case-study work, ethnography, large-scale surveys, observational work, focus groups, and close textual analysis.

Student projects

Our researchers are involved in important and influential work across a range of domains, including:

  • the representation of same-sex-attracted women across digital media platforms
  • the Chinese digital diaspora
  • Indonesian Hijabers’ consumption practices on Twitter
  • the role of cloud platforms in education
  • racism and social media
  • digital media and employability
  • everyday social media governance


We have a wide range of national and international relationships with industry organisations such as: