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Research Fellows

HDR students

  • Albert Prestianta

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Media Literacy and Social Media: The Influence of Digital Platforms on Media and News Consumption Habits among Young Indonesians

  • Md Mamun Kaioum

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: Implication of Digital Media in Formal and Informal Learning of Diasporic Bangladeshi Children in Australia

  • Vicki Morganson

    MPhil Student | Thesis: Humour as an expression of sovereignty: a Black anticolonial perspective on norm-setting and safety in relation to comedy

  • Lynrose Genon

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Performing Feminist Digital Citizenship: ‚Äč Narratives of Young Women Peacebuilders in the Philippines

  • Michael Bromage

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - A critical evaluation of the Collaborative City system: A co-design approach between community, business, and government.

  • Aimee Hourigan

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Emerging digital technologies for international development: New digital inclusion agendas

  • Donald Johannessen

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - The Changing Landscape of Indigenous Media and Screen Culture

  • Katrin Langton

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - A walk-through of infant feeding apps: understanding the construct of contemporary parenthood

  • Umma Naima

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Bridging the Digital Gender Divide through Digital Financial Inclusion: A Case of Muslim Women from Low Income Families in South-East Queensland

  • Robert Rattle

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Negotiating privacy and trust in the geoaware smart city

  • Sam Regi

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Impacts of Process Journalism with marginalised communities: Amplifying the voices of the Royal Commission into Aged Care

  • Amy Schoonens

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - The Online Book Consumption Practices of Teen Readers: Mapping the Digital Ecology of Teen Reading

  • Hira Sheikh

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Smart Urban Governance for More-than-Human Future(s)