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Chief Investigators

Affiliate Investigators

Research Fellows

HDR students

  • Daniel Whelan-Shamy

    PhD Candidate | Thesis: The Automated Rewriting of Reality? Conceptualising Authorship in the Age of Large Language Models

  • Jiaru Tang

    PhD candidate | Thesis Title: VTubers and cultural production in the age of VR: platformization, precarity and contingency

  • Dominique Carlon

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - The life stories of bots in Reddit’s platform culture

  • Kunal Chand

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Unveiling the Artificial Intelligence “Black Box”: A study into how artificial intelligence systems profile users based on their data and how these systems work.

  • Sean Di Lizio

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Imaginary containers and imaginary coins: e-publishing using smart contracts

  • Caroline Gardam

    PhD Student | Thesis: Climate change "hoax" hashtags on Instagram: multimodal discursive practices in social media mis/disinformation posts

  • Carly Lubicz-Zaorski

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Mapping the dynamics of Australian climate change partisanship and polarisation within online news-sharing spaces

  • Ashwin Nagappa

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - Becoming DTube: The biography of a decentralised video streaming platform

  • Shaneen Page

    MPhil Student | Thesis - Digital Natives go Analogue: How is Gen Z using Tiktok to discover craft and build a fashion commons?

  • Dr Tariq Segal

    PhD Candidate | Thesis - My digital ‘friend’: Design considerations when deploying chatbots in trusted companionship roles

  • Guangnan (Rio) Zhu

    PhD Candidate l Thesis - A Multimodal Computational Framework for Detection and Analysis of Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour on Twitter