Our mission and priorities

The DMRC’s mission is to conduct world-leading research for a creative, inclusive and fair digital media environment. In our work as a centre, we aim to undertake high-quality research that generates deep understanding, as well as engaging in direct intervention and external advocacy.

We deliver on this mission by working together and with external partners on impactful projects organised around three priorities:

  1. creativity and innovation
  2. diversity and inclusion
  3. trust and fairness

These three priorities represent our aspirations for the kind of digital media environment that we’d like to promote and help build. But each of them also stands in for significant problems and challenges affecting the digital media industries, and these challenges are reflected in public concerns.

1. Creativity and innovation

We investigate the settings and dynamics that foster vibrant and internationally competitive local creative content industries; recognising that creativity and innovation
can come from anywhere, including from marginalised communities and non-expert creators. We trace the emergence and dynamics of new digital media and entertainment industries and businesses; and we map the skills, identities and labour dynamics associated with creative work in these sectors.

2. Inclusion and diversity

We conduct basic and problem-solving research into the challenges of population-wide digital access, as well as helping to embed throughout society the capability and skills to operate effectively as consumers and media professionals in the digital media environment. We map the social and cultural diversity of digital culture and the inclusiveness of platforms; recognising not only that multiple forms of diversity need to be considered in governance and inclusion, but also that social diversity is a vibrant source of creativity and innovation.

3. Trust and fairness

We undertake analysis and advocacy that promotes the transparent and just governance of the media environment, which is populated by a diverse array of local and international media organisations and platforms. We seek to promote a media environment that enhances social cohesion, that treats participants fairly, and that takes seriously the role of digital media platforms in curating our culture, and in coordinating our political communication and social interactions. We investigate how deep social and historical questions (like democracy and trust) are challenged by new technological developments (from algorithmic news curation to the blockchain), and explore the new models of media practice, regulation and governance that might emerge from these developments.