Tia Bayer

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Centre Coordinator

Tia is a dynamic professional with a strong background in marketing, and design. Obtaining a Bachelor of Design, Architecture (HONS) from QUT in 2014, Tia has further gained valuable experience with Brisbane City Council, overseeing community-based projects, events and consultations. With over 7 years of experience in various industries, including government, retail, sports, and events, Tia has successfully supported business strategies through her expertise in marketing and design. Her portfolio includes web design, social media management, conference planning, procurement and large-scale event management for state and federal government agencies. Tia’s strategic mindset, leadership skills, and attention to detail have consistently driven project success and alignment with organisational objectives. She is a results-oriented professional committed to delivering exceptional outcomes and fostering valuable working relationships.

Tia has cultivated expertise and experience in various areas, including corporate governance, project management, business process improvement, strategic planning and financial management. Her skill set encompasses a comprehensive range of proficiencies that contribute to her ability to effectively lead and navigate diverse professional environments.