Dr Tariq Segal

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    PhD Candidate

    Thesis title: My digital ‘friend’: Design considerations when deploying chatbots in trusted companionship roles

    • Principal supervisor:  Assoc. Prof. Dan Angus
    • Associate supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Renata Meuter

    Dr. Tariq Segal is a PhD candidate in QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre.

    He is an emerging technology evangelist with over 30 years of experience, across Australia, Japan and Brazil, in environments ranging from the organisational complexity of multi-national corporations to the unstructured start-up venture.

    Tariq holds a Bachelor of Business (Computing) from QUT, and a Master of Business Administration (Advanced) and Doctor of Biotechnology from the University of Queensland.

    Tariq’s current interests are in the emerging Human-Machine Communications domain, and more specifically, the deepening of these new forms of relationships and associated implications of these developments.