Nadia Jude

PhD Candidate | Thesis - ‘Battling’ bad actors or ‘inoculating’ against falsity? A policy analysis of problem representations of mis- and disinformation in Australia

Research program: Digital Publics, Governing Digital Societies, ADM+S

Nadia Jude is a PhD researcher within the Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research centres on questions around platform governance, with a focus on problem representations of mis- and disinformation in Australian policy-making discourse. Specifically, Nadia’s work explores policy solutions encouraged and closed off under dominant problem representations, alongside voices and identities privileged and ignored in policy-making processes.

Nadia holds a BA in International Politics and an MPP in Public Policy from the University of Melbourne. She is also a student member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society.

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Associate Supervisor