Dr Jing Zeng

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    Senior Research and Teaching Associate, Department of Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich

    • PhD (Queensland University of Technology, 2018)
    • MSc (Oxford University)
    • BA (University of Nottingham)

    Jing Zeng completed her PhD with the DMRC in 2018, under the supervision of Jean Burgess and Axel Bruns. She received her master’s degree in Social Science of the Internet in 2014 from the Oxford Internet Institute. Jing’s research interests include online rumour, information control and digital activism in China. In her doctoral thesis, she investigated rumours on Twitter and Weibo during times of crisis. She is now working as a research fellow at the University of Zurich. Her current research focuses on misinformation in science and crisis communication.


    PhD Thesis: Contesting rumours on social media during acute events: The 2014 Sydney Siege and 2015 Tianjin blasts

    • Principal supervisor: Prof. Jean Burgess
    • Associate supervisor: Prof. Axel Bruns