Dr Jiajie Lu

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    Lecturer of Media and Communication, College of Literature and Media, Dongguan University of Technology

    • PhD (Queensland University of Technology, 2017)
    • Master of Arts in Communication (Shenzhen University)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising (Shenzhen University)

    Jiajie Lu completed his PhD with the DMRC in 2017 and is now Lecturer of Media and Communication in the College of Literature and Media at Dongguan University of Technology in Dongguan, China. Before commencing his doctoral studies at QUT, Jiajie worked in media industries, for AGB Nielsen Media Research and Shenzhen Satellite TV Station. He has also taught and done research on media and communication at Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology.

    Jiajie’s research focuses on the influence of media technologies on social and cultural development, particularly in the Chinese context. This has included studies of identity formation of overseas Chinese, social and cultural changes of Chinese society in the current new media landscape. His research and teaching attempt to develop a multicultural approach to understand how media technologies influence human society in various cultural contexts. Jiajie’s research has been published in Chinese Social Media: Social, Cultural and Political Implications (edited by Mike Kent, Katie Ellis and Jian Xu) and several Chinese-language academic journals.

    PhD thesis: Understanding the Chinese digital diaspora: From media consumption to social connections

    • Principal supervisor: Prof. Terry Flew
    • Associate supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell