Dr Henry Fraser

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, QUT Node of the ARC CoE for Automated Decision-Making and Society

    Henry completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2018. His research interests include the governance and regulation of automated decision making systems – especially online platforms, copyright law, privacy law, consumer regulation and cybersecurity for the internet of things, legal technology, and the regulation of the development of artificial intelligence with a view to the long term future. He is particularly interested in ‘socio-technical’ regulatory systems at the intersection of law, technology, incentives, and the day to day practice of businesses and individuals.

    Henry’s experience straddles the practical and the scholarly. He has more than 9 years’ experience as a practising lawyer, specialising in tech law, IP and privacy. He has practised both in a top tier firm, and an innovative, ‘new law’ practice. He was a leading contributor to Lawpatch.org, a multi-jurisdictional collection of open source contract clauses, designed to be incorporated by reference into contracts via hyperlinks. And he is a co-founded of Treescribe, a contract automation startup. Treescribe has released more than a dozen automated contract templates in three jurisdictions, as well as an interface for law firms and in-house teams to automate their own documents. He maintains active links with the legal profession and the legal technology community.

    Henry is aligned with the Institutions and Data research programs. He will focus on undertaking research to help bridge the gap between data science practice, ethics, and legal obligations to mitigate risks. He will work closely with industry partners, including Max Kelsen, to help develop processes that are grounded in operational processes of data scientists.