Assoc Prof Guillaume Latzko-Toth

    Visiting Fellow

    Guillaume Latzko-Toth is Full Professor of communication and media studies at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada). He is a founding member and codirector of the Laboratory for Communication and the Digital (LabCMO) and a member of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Science and Technology (CIRST). After completing his PhD in Communication at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM, 2010), he did a postdoctoral fellowship in Internet Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) where he pursued research on the early days of social computing with Steve Jones. Rooted in a Science and Technology Studies (STS) perspective, his research and publications have addressed topics such as users’ contribution to the digital innovations – particularly early social media – and methodological and ethical issues related to research in digital contexts – notably qualitative inquiry based on “thick data”. Besides a number of contributions to edited books and French-language journals, his work appeared in the Journal of Community Informatics, the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, the Canadian Journal of Communication, and Internet Histories.