Dr Fiona Suwana

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    PhD (Queensland University of Technology, 2018)

    Fiona Suwana completed her PhD at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre in 2018 and is a sessional academic at Creative Industries Faculty, QUT. She graduated with and M.Sc of Communication Science from University of Indonesia and BA (Hon) of Communication Studies (Mass Communication) from London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. Her research focuses on digital media and Indonesian young people specifically for civic engagement and political participation that can support democratic processes in Indonesia. She is particularly interested in the way that digital media practices have promoted the participation of young people but there is little knowledge about the process, motivation and capacities that they need to explore or extend for their civic engagement and political participation. Fiona is an active member of QUT’s Digital Asia. Her work has been published in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

    PhD thesis: Digital media literacy and Indonesian young people: Building sustainable democratic institutions and practices

    • Principal supervisor: Prof. Terry Flew
    • Associate supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Angela Romano
    • Associate supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Stephen Harrington