Dr Emma Potter-Hay

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    Senior Consultant, Advisory at Ernst & Young

    • PhD (Queensland University of Technology, 2017)
    • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media and Communication and Political Science (University of Canterbury, 2012)

    Emma Potter-Hay is a Senior Consultant (Advisory) at Ernst & Young in Christchurch, New Zealand. Specialising in IT Advisory, Emma develops insights into organisational culture and helps clients align technology with their people and processes. Previously, she worked as a Research Assistant and Sessional Academic at QUT, working with a range of industry partners including the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Bureau of Meteorology, NSW Rural Fire Service, Seqwater, and the CRC Association. She completed her PhD through the DMRC in February 2017. Her research involved an ethnographic study of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, where she spent two years observing and participating in their use of social media and examining how new technologies disrupt existing strategies and operations within organisations.

    PhD thesis: Broadcast, promote, respond, engage: Competing understandings of the purpose and value of social media in an emergency management organisation

    • Principal supervisor: Prof. Jean Burgess
    • Associate supervisor: Prof. Axel Bruns
    • Associate supervisor: Assoc. Prof. John Banks