Dr David Richard

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Lecturer, School of Communication

I achieved my PhD (UQ) in Film and Television studies, and I am currently a Lecturer in Media in the School of Communication. Broadly speaking, my research examines the audience's screen experience, including affective/phenomenological, cognitive, and imaginative dimensions. I am interested in how transmedia storytelling affects audience engagement, as well as the labour, schemes, and structures that facilitate converging content industries. As an adaptation scholar, I have a particular interest in--and capacity for--interdisciplinary research. I love the energy that sparks when texts and disciplines brush up against each other, forging new connections between ideas, people, and industries. Research Interests:

  • audience engagement: phenomenological + cognitive (including emotion, memory, and imagination)
  • creativity: imagination, labour, and leadership
  • adaptation + transmedia storytelling
  • content industries, especially related to transformations in television
  • digital materiality + branded entertainment