Chunmeizi Su

    PhD Candidate (Under examination)

    Chunmeizi Su is a PhD candidate at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre. She holds an MA (Master of Arts) in Media and Communication of Zhengzhou University, China. Her research focuses on media industry and online screen culture. Particularly, she is interested in the screen culture facilitated by BAT (stands for Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – the Internet oligopolies in China), the influence Netflix brought to BAT and the implications BAT brought upon China’s new soft power. Her research aim also include the dissemination of Chinese culture and further development of cultural globalization.

    Thesis title: Digital entertainment media, multiplatform distribution, and China’s quest for cultural soft power

    • Principal supervisor: Prof. Terry Flew
    • Associate supervisor: Distinguished Prof. Stuart Cunningham
    • Associate supervisor: Dr Mark Ryan