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Lecturer, School of Communication

Doctor of Philosophy - Arts (University of Melbourne)

Benjamin Nicoll is a Lecturer in Digital Media and Communication and a member of the Digital Media Research Centre in the School of Communication at Queensland University of Technology. His research focuses on the history and critical theory of videogames and videogame platforms, with a particular focus on notions of technological failure and marginality in videogame history. He is the author of Minor Platforms in Videogame History (Amsterdam University Press, 2019 forthcoming) and co-author, with Brendan Keogh, of The Unity Game Engine and the Circuits of Cultural Software (Palgrave, 2019 forthcoming). His research has appeared in journals such as Social Media + SocietyGames and Culture, and Thesis Eleven. He is also Secretary of the Digital Games Research Association of Australia. He is currently working on a project that examines the use and implementation of ‘game engines’ in the Australian videogame and software development industries, through a grant from the Networked Society Institute.