Dr Ben Egliston

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Digital Media Research Centre

Dr Ben Egliston is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology. Drawing from critical theories of technology, Ben researches the politics and practices of digital technology, asking how and why particular kinds of digital technologies affect (and become affected by) users. His research has focused largely on videogames, covering topics like esports, data analytics interfaces and livestreaming.

His current research examines data analytics in the use and development of videogames and software, as well as the politics of emerging ‘mixed reality’ technologies. He has published recently in academic journals like New Media and Society, Media, Culture and Society, Games and Culture and Convergence, and in general interest publications like The Conversation and Overland.

Ben’s research within the Transforming Media Industries program explores the use of data analytics by independent (‘indie’) game developers.