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Program Leader - Transforming Media Industries

PhD (University of Texas at Austin)

Amanda D. Lotz is a professor and leader of the Transforming Media Industries research program in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology. She is the author, coauthor, or editor of ten books that explore television and media industries including We Now Disrupt This Broadcast: How Cable Transformed Television and the Internet Revolutionized It All,

The Television Will Be Revolutionized and Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television. Her most recent book, Media Disrupted: Surviving Cannibals, Pirates and Streaming Wars (MIT Press, October 2021), tells the story of how the internet and digital technologies disrupted the recorded music, newspaper, film, and television industries. Her most recent books explore the connections between internet-distributed services such as Netflix and the legacy television industry, as well as the business strategies and revenue models that differ. Her award-winning book, The Television Will Be Revolutionized, now in its second edition, has been translated into Mandarin, Korean, Italian, and Polish. She is frequently interviewed by NPR’s Marketplace, has appeared on BBC, CNN's The Nineties, HuffPost Live, and ZDF (German television network) and been interviewed for articles in the Los Angeles TimesThe GuardianThe AtlanticChristian Science Monitor, the Associated Press, Wired, and Men’s Health among many others. She publishes articles about the business of television at QuartzSalonThe New Republic, hosts the Media Business Matters podcast, and tweets about television and media @DrTVLotz. For more, see

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Amanda's articles about the business of television have appeared in FortuneInternational Business TimesBusiness InsiderSalon, and The New Republic, an up-to-date list of links can be found at She hosted the Media Business Matters podcast from 2016-2018 (archived at and in Apple's iTunes and Google Play), and tweets about television and media @DrTVLotz. She has been invited to speak to or worked with a variety of media organizations on topics related to television's post-network era, digital distribution, and changing media business models. Select projects/talks include: NBC Station Group, IFC, Detroit Public Television, Samsung, Google, Estonian National Public Broadcasting Council, Warner Bros., Red Line Editorial, CNN's "The Nineties," and the Convergence Cultures Consortium.

Internet-Distributed Television: Cultural, Industrial and Policy Dynamics
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